Sunday, September 6, 2009


Look, ma! I'm blogging! Okay, I'm old enough that I barely understand the whole blog thing at all, and if I were to really tell my mother I was blogging, she'd probably tell me she knows about a cream that will clear that right up. Ba dump bum! Crappy jokes aside (only for the moment; if you stick around, you're bound to read a lot more of them), I would like to tell you what this whole dealie is about---- but I don't entirely know myself. From the title, you might gather that I'll be writing about, say, comics and/or cartoons. You'd be right about that---I've worked in comics for twenty-five years now, animation, somewhat less. But, since I suffer from arrested development (actually, I don't suffer at all; liked the band, loved the tv series) and my arrested development has ADD, I'll also be writing about anything shiny that happens to drift into my field of vision, or through my swiss-cheesy memory, or into my shorts (AAAAAAAAAAAAA!) or whatever. Old movies, new movies, good movies, sh*tty movies, unbefreakinglievably sh*tty movies, movies so sh*tty you'll hate me forever for ever telling you about them, books, teevee shows, pop-culture whatever, grinks, groinks, yipyops, drongos, kaiju, potrzebie, veeblefetzers, anti-intellectual property, my black hairy *ss (comes up more often than you'd like), and anything else I see fit. Kay? Kay.